Supported Decision-Making

Missouri's statute on guardianship updated its language to include that least restrictive alternative to guardianship be explored prior to filing for guardianship.

RSMo 475.361:

(5) The least restrictive form of guardianship assistance, taking into consideration the ward's functional limitations, personal needs, and preferences;

As a least restrictive alternative to guardianship, Supported Decision-Making (SDM) is one approach that is supported by both national and local efforts.

In 2019 UMKC-IHD lead the Missouri DD Network in assembling the SDM Consortium in collaboration with national SDM leader, Jonathan Martinis, from the National Resource Center for Supported Decision-Making. Through the work of the SDM Consortium, stakeholders identified strategies and tools that informed resource development and implementation of SDM strategies across Missouri.

Supported-Decision Making Consortium

University Kansas City Institute for Human Development

Missouri Developmental Disabiltiies Council

Missouri Protection and Advocacy

Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council (MODDC) has funded the development of several SDM resource guides.

Do I have to get guardianship?


Education, Employment and Independent Living: SDM in Special Education Programs


Planning for the Rest of their Lives: SDM in Special Education Transition Services


SDM in Vocational Rehabilition Programs


My Health, My Decisions: SDM and Health Care


Living Your Best Life: SDM and Person-Centered Planning


Everyone Deserves a Shot at the American Dream: SDM and Managing your money


Getting Older, Getting Better: SDM through the Years


Shelter from the Strom: SDM and Emergency Planning


Staying Healthy, Staying Connectced: SDM in a Pandemic